The Thin Thread

Forty years ago I sat in a room full of young aspiring pastor/theologians.  We were listening to Dr. Tom Boyd, a dynamic philosopher who had the unique gift of grounding the seemingly esoteric philosophical concepts into real life.  I do remember “cogito ergo sum” (I think therefore I am – Rene Descartes) from freshman philosophy 101.  I can think 🤔 about most anything any time, for any reason.  So I certainly “am”.  The two things Dr. Boyd said that have stayed with me are: 1) “We better take care of this earth 🌎, it’s the only home we have.   God isn’t making anymore dinosaurs”. 🦖   2) “It’s a thin thread that holds this all together.  If you stop and think about how vulnerable you are, you recognize how much we depend on each other”.  I was reminded of #2 on Monday.

I picked them up at a downtown hotel.  Two dapper airline pilots standing on the curb eager to jump in my car with all their travel gear.  “Thanks for getting here so quickly.  The shuttle that was supposed to pick us up never showed up.  There are some folk flying out of here who hope we get in the cockpit. I know you will do your best through rush hour to get us to DIA”. It was role reversal time. I was in the cockpit and they were strapped in my back seat.  The GPS showed a lot of red on our route (very heavy traffic).  We worked our way out to I-70 and started our conversation.  “Ok what was your worst LYFT ride ever”?  I told them. It’s not suitable blog material, sorry. 

I asked them about their favorite plane to fly.  The both said in unison, “The 757, it is a dream.  Best plane ever made”.  I was doing my best to negotiate traffic, and engage in a spirited conversation.  “Every time I fly over an ocean I have about five minutes of sheer terror.  I realize I am going 600 mph, over a vast ocean, in an aluminum tube made and flown by humans”.  As I said that one of them said, “Not much different than going down Pena Blvd at 70 mph with a half retired pastor”. We laughed and talked about connections and trust.  As they got out of the car 🚗 and thanked me for getting them there safely and on time, we all agreed, “It’s a thin thread that holds this all together”.

Onward and Upward,


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