Crystal- an update

Most of my heroes are women. My June 10th blog told the story of Crystal, a single mom, that I gave a Lyft to, in March. She is battling multiple myeloma (a form of bone cancer). As a result of her disease she had to quit working, lost her apartment, and found herself on the edge of disaster, all the while going for chemotherapy at Presbyterian-St. Luke’s. I have stayed in close touch with her as I am selfishly the beneficiary of her grace filled living. We connected the day before Thanksgiving to go shopping. I am happy to report that:

1. She has an apartment

2. A friend gave her a car

3. Her kids are doing well in their new school

4. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, her chemotherapy is WORKING!!! Her

doctor shared that this most recent blast might give her a chance to

“beat it”.

She met me in the King Soopers parking lot at 9th and Downing at 1:30p this past Wednesday. It was sheer chaos inside. Better than any bumper car ride ever. We made our way up and down the isles with an adroitness that made us both smile. First Christian Church in Greeley had told me, “please go fill a big grocery basket for her”. We had fun. She looked at me and said, “ My kids said, ‘Mom, would it be okay if we had your pot-roast instead of turkey’ ”. I told her pot-roast it is!!! She told me her mom does the best pot roast ever. I told her, “Well, maybe in Oklahoma, but my

mom held that title in Pueblo”. So they had pot-roast with potatoes 🥔 , carrots 🥕 , celery , and onions —along with classic dressing and pumpkin pie 🥧 .

We loaded up the trunk of her car with all kinds of delights. She looked at me and said. “Please tell them thank you.” In three weeks I am having the privilege of taking the three of them out for shopping and Christmas fun. Crystal— reflects a light that “overcomes the darkness”.

Onward and Upward, Mark

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