About Me

I am a 4th generation Colorado guy who found himself retired after 40 years of life in the Church as a pastor.  In November of 2015 I started driving for Lyft for 2 reasons: One, to keep from jumping off my balcony out of sheer boredom and Two, to fund my golf and travel addiction.  In the course of doing something I had never dreamed of doing I began to hear amazing stories and meet interesting people.

I am a “narrative theologian” which means that I best understand life through stories.  I love finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I have had many different jobs in my life.  I started out working for my father’s floor covering business in Pueblo.  I have sold cable TV door to door, worked on a GM assembly line, run a machine at TriPlex piston factory, drove an ambulance, worked as a social worker, waited tables at a steak house, youth pastor, associate minister, senior pastor at 3 churches to mention the ones I can remember now.

I am using lyftingmeup.com to share with you some of the extraordinary things I experience from everyday people.  What they hear about when they ask about me is the same thing that any father or grandfather talks about, his kids and grand kids.

Hope you enjoy my stories,

Onward and Upward,


(all people I talk about in these stories have different names to protect their anonymity)



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