It is probably no surprise to any of you who have blessed me by reading these snippets that I am a “Fall (Autumn) guy”. Perhaps that is because Spring in Colorado is a mix of glorious warmth mixed in with blizzards, wind, and hard freezes that kill peaches, flowers, and create a certain angst. Today, Spring came in the middle of the night, a day early in my world. Well, for a first day of Spring it did not disappoint. Yes, tomorrow we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow. There is still a rather huge drift in my front yard that I expect will be gone by Easter.
I lived two different times in Oklahoma for a total of 11 years. I can honestly say when it comes to Spring, Oklahoma has it all over Colorado. By now the Winter Wheat whose green stubble had graced miles of landscapes, is kicking into high gear. By April Fools Day you have Iris in bloom. The weather which can get exciting, consists of marvelous thunder storms and yes, an occasional category five tornado. In my years at Phillips University where baseball was king, it meant we got to watch amazing games. Often, a few hundred folk would fill the bleachers and wait for the crack of the bat. It was a time to start working on your tan and the outdoor swimming pool was a daily joy. Flowers and green were abundant and life really did get kick started by the Spring Equinox.
Last Spring I remember going into Covid Cave—I think I suffer a bit from PCSD—(Post Covid Stress Disorder). The entire Spring was spent trying to sort through the lies and disinformation propagated by politicians and folks who created internet buzz like “The Plandemic”— the worst pack of lies since the Houston Astros stole the World Series. All this is to say last Spring was a bust—this Spring I am full on going to enjoy every moment, snow storms and all.
I don’t know that I ever made the connection with the word Spring: like bound, bounce, jump, boing-boing, wheeeee and lets go!!!
I will soon head out to Texas to see Amy and family the day after Easter. Texas, like Oklahoma, knows how to do Spring—Blue Bells, Cardinals and allergies. After that I am home for three weeks where we will get all sorts of flower pots, plant our tomatoes in the planter and enjoy the outdoors. Then, we head out on road trip #2 to granddaughter Sofia’s second birthday. Since LA seems to live in Constant Spring I am not sure what to

expect, as I have only been there mostly in Summer and Christmas. The recent rains I know bring out the Poppies—I am ready!!!
Onward and Upward, Mark

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