In three days I will have been on the Covid 19 patrol for one year. Today I am 14 days beyond my second shot, and according to great science I am less than 1% vulnerable to any severe consequences.
For 10 years I have been giving the introductory lecture to two sections of the Comparative Religions class at Denver East High. My topic is “What is Religion and how do I understand my faith”. Invariably, I am asked about the conflict between science and religion. My answer is— “I have no conflict with great science and honest theology/faith”. I would often say, “Good science is great evidence that we are created in the image of God. There is no greater evidence of God’s participation in creation than evolution”.
I first want to be clear about my thoughts about this pandemic—as of today there have been 524,164 deaths (probably grossly undercounted) as a result of Covid 19. A large majority of these deaths were avoidable because we were lead by the worst President in American history. He was helped by the sycophant Republicans that turned this plague into a political circus. They all are 100% responsible for lies about the virus, fake cures, denial, anti science/medicine and the outright politicization of the pandemic. History will reveal that the lies, blame, denial, and conspiracies cost countless lives.
Now, I want to give thanks for those in science and medicine who have dedicated their lives so that I, and many like me, can most likely dodge the horrific possibilities of contracting Covid. I have tried very hard to follow the science on this issue. For months it seems I lived at home, always wearing a mask in public and events while sanitizing my hands after filling up with gas. I have lost two friends to Covid and know many others who have battled hard or coasted with this most unpredictable
microbe 🦠 .
I was eight when we went through the Polio epidemic. I remember standing in line at my grade school twice to be vaccinated, the second time with a pink sugar cube. Polio went away. I have NO respect for those anti-vaccine folk who push conspiracies for whatever purpose, I

don’t know. There are truly people who believe that Bill Gates has inserted micro chips into the vaccine—the earth is flat—the moon is made of green cheese.
Yes, I am venting a bit, here is why: the truth matters, good science is our friend, and nerds rule!!! I have tried to stay very informed around this virus for multiple reasons. The one thing that stayed on my bucket list this year was “Don’t kick the bucket”—otherwise all my hopes and dreams leave when the ventilator is turned off. Number two is I have this amazing congregation in Greeley who has thrived through all of this and we hope to come back stronger than ever. Lastly, I love my family and friends and I hope to continue to share life with you.
I am NOT a Democrat but the Republican Party has sold out to fear, lies, denial, money, conspiracy, power, fantasy, and you can add what you like. I will wear a mask until the scientist and doctors agree it is safe. I can’t say thank you enough to all those in the health care field who have laid their lives and careers on the line, that I might go to King Soopers and get vaccinated and then go on my way into a world I still love and have hope for.
Onward and Upward, Mark

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