10 Observations on Lyfting and Life

Today I celebrate two years of writing “Lyfting Me Up”. Almost every week it has been my joy to have you ride along in my red car. Here are a few things I’ve experienced that I would like to share with you.

1. In 1971, as I began at the Enid State School, Ernestine S, a classic 60- year-old social worker said to a brand new beginning social worker, “Mark- No matter how different these people seem, remember this: they are more like you are, than they are different”. I have now given 4,703 rides to folks who all have something in common.

2. 10 years ago we were all told—“Never accept a ride from a stranger, or let them stay in your home”. The 30-somethings that created Lyft and the likes of airb&b gave a great gift to the world. Friendships abound and complete strangers connect.

3. 98% of riders are responsible and respectful. 2% are jerks.

4. On Friday nights everyone loves the Frank Sinatra channel.

5. 8 out of 10 riders have moved to Denver in the last 4 years. They love

being here. They often ask how I feel about this mass migration. My answer is always the same, “Check your attitude at the border, and give back”.

6. There is NO and I mean NO, excuse for drinking and driving.

7. There is always a noticeable pause when I am asked what I did before

driving for Lyft. “Pastor” is never what they are expecting.

8. Airport rides are the most fun. You hear a lot.

9. People have interesting jobs… the most recent epiphany is that I met

two “Scrum—Masters”. (Social workers for techies, they teach

computer geeks how to work as a team.)

10. There is a deep and connecting spiritual hunger in the vast majority of


My goal is to hit 5000 rides by Easter!!! Happy 2019. Onward and Upward,


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