Sofia Meets Snow

I have been blessed with ‘book-end’ grand kids. Zach, who was born on “Leap Day” 30 years ago, will celebrate his birthday with us Monday. His actual birthday will take place in that nano second on Midnight of Feb 28th. He was followed by seven other grandkids, the last of whom is Sofia who will be three this May. Sofia came today from California to spend a week in Colorado. Just a few minutes ago she put on her snow suit and went out to her first encounter with snow. Grandma packed her in the snow suit and she reminded me of Ralphie from ‘A Christmas Story’.
It was like watching a puppy in the park where she did everything from sticking her nose in it to throwing it in the air. She even made her first ‘snow angel’.
This past week I spent three days with grandson Miko in Taos, and had great visits on the phone with grandkids Michaela, Mattias and Zoe. I remember having a conversation with Dr. Jim Strain, RIP, a mentor, friend, Elder who walked with me for nearly18 years at South Broadway CC. He once served as the head of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We talked of the joy of grandkids. He said, “Well, we have an alliance with our grandkids, a common enemy—their parents”. We had a good laugh and then went on to brag with each other about those grandkids.
I call Sofia, “The Bonus Round” as none of us saw her coming. Our daughter Stephanie give birth to her just short of age 46. Tonight our home is full of joy as Sofia is currently ending her day with a bath, which for a two year old is an event, not a task. Tomorrow she is going to church with us in Greeley. I asked her if she would sit with me. She said “For a little while, but I want to sit on my own seat”. “You have a deal”!!! She smiled as she ate her pumpkin muffin.
Earlier in the week I got to spend three days with grandson Miko. We met in Taos, where by his invitation, we talked about possible screen plays he wants to write. Without giving anything away, we spent three hours cracking open a survival story that involves a 12 year old and his grandpa. Once we got on a roll the story almost told itself. For this narrative theologian/preacher it was as ‘good as it gets’. If I have bored you with my “Tales of a grateful Grandfather” too bad!!! In my world, in this week marked by human depravity and sycophants who excuse the inexcusable, my grandkid fix is on overload. Monday we drive up to the town of

Nederland to ride the most amazing carousel. And maybe just maybe we will see a moose on our way.
Onward and Upward, Mark

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