My Red “Not Candy Cane”

When I was a teenager cars were of great fascination and a source of status in Pueblo. That was an age where style was more important than function. It was before muscle cars—just hot rods and “Cherry-ed Out” anythings—save a Nash Rambler. The color of choice for the real gear heads was Candy Apple Red, the same as the cane you see pictured. Yes, that is my own cane. I never had a Hot Rod and my only red car was my Mitsubishi Sport Lyft-mobile. It seems that in my post Covid life the one function of my body that did not fare well are my joints. They were already suspect but now they are failing fast. So I get a hot red cane for being a Covid survivor.
I thought when I got done with rehab that I could ditch the cane, no such luck. I actually went to “cane class” with both a physical and occupational therapist. We practiced things like stairs, chairs and walking in a straight line. There are some days I don’t seem to need the cane much and then others its my constant companion.
Last week we went to a Bronco Game. I walked nearly 10,000 steps’ (ask my Apple Watch) all of them with my cane. Not my brightest move I might say, but I want to comment on how a guy in a bright Orange Bronco Hoodie with a cane is treated. I am amazed how kind and thoughtful people are. For the most part if they see the cane coming they are careful to make room, give me an affirming smile, and more than once a “What a great Fan, I am proud of you”. Mary Kay commented how she noticed the warmth of strangers towards the guy with the shiny red cane.
My male ego is taking a fairly large hit these days. I am beyond grateful to be alive, I just miss my joints working. I have read where this is one of the “long hauler” manifestations of joint and muscle pain—TRUE!!! I guess it beats broken lungs or memory. I still think of myself as the young guy. I recently attended a fantastic clergy retreat with 25 others. I was the oldest person there and the only one with a cane.
I don’t want to sound like I don’t like this red beauty, it is a tool that is fast becoming a friend. My dad used to say to me “Mark if you live long enough you will get many lessons in humility, learn from them”. So today I want to say thanks to Walgreens and their fancy cane selection. She’s a

Candy Apple Red beauty who not only helps me walk, but can turn on and off lights with the flick of my wrist.
Onward and Upwards, Mark

6 thoughts on “My Red “Not Candy Cane”

  1. Enjoyed reading several of your musings: started with “Quail” because Isaac sent it out to members of the Class of ’66. I’ll come back to read some more.

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