Cutting My Own Hair

Every two weeks MK pulls out our $19.99 hair trimmer kit that came complete with a black and yellow guide, “Haircuts for Dummies”. Other than a couple of nicks on my ears, we have learned over seven year—a drill that works. A #2 all over—and to quote my mom I am “Slick as a whistle”. I am amazed at two things after my haircut—how much hair I grow in two weeks, and how much of it is gray.
Well, MK is getting ready to respond to Grandma 911 out in California with our now 18-month-old Sofia. They are moving and the baby’s mom, Stephanie, is trying to work full time—Grandma MK to the rescue. She has left me a two page list of all the things I need to remember and do. She left out cut my own hair.
On my way home from swimming this afternoon, I decided that I needed to try to cut my own hair. I had hit the two week threshold, and if I really screwed it up she could do a repair job with a #1. That would put me in the almost bald category. I was remembering the last self haircut story told by my nephew Jed. Both of his kids tried their hand at styling with “Oh my God what have you done”? My great nephew Westin did a reverse Mohawk—actually I would call it a horizontal look.
MK tells of her brother on brother barber story. Her mom Betty, let out a “You look like the wrath of God”. Like I said, my hair grows fast.
So my theory was to stand in the shower and just keep buzzing until there was no more hair falling. Game on!!! I have provided a picture for your viewing pleasure. I then finished it off in front of the mirror. Unless I missed something I think I did it. I have yet to tell MK as she is on a ZOOM meeting in the basement and I am going to play dumb until she notices.
I am all about self help. I will admit I hope this is a short lived adaptation. However, I have calculated the number of two week spans I have alone, and this could be the first of five self buzz cuts. If I do need help I will just bring in five year old Westin from Longmont—he has experience.
Onward and Upward,

PS As of Press Time MK has not noticed my slick new look.

5 thoughts on “Cutting My Own Hair

  1. So funny! In our family, one son cut the hair of the girl sitting in front of him in class. Not a class-act at all. It’s good to be past those days.

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