This week I had the privilege of spending four days in Avon, CO (Eagle River Valley) with my grandson Miko. He turned 20 this week. He was born smack in the middle of 2000. We talked about being 20. “20 is age Purgatory, you are too old to be a teen, and too young to claim any benefit of being an adult” mused Miko.
The fact that he wanted to hang out with his grandpa is his birthday gift to me. From his days as toddler to now this young guy, puts a smile in my heart. When he was in first grade he asked his teacher if he could bring me to school as “show and tell”. I went and loved sitting in the cafeteria at the table with the kids. I spent the whole day there, he still smiles when we talk about it.
I can see him in my memory bank at the kids’ area in the Cherry Creek Mall, where they had giant fruit in a closed area where kids pulled off their shoes and went wild. Miko is the athlete I wanted to be. He could fly over the bananas, cereal bowl, giant strawberries at “Road Runner” speed with the coordination of a gymnast. I would burst with quiet pride as I watched other adults drop their jaws at his antics.
Miko is gifted, yet one of the kindest and most humble young man I know. He has been gifted with a very integrated intellect. Our conversations vary from politics, economics, theology, sports, the arts or current events. For the past three days we have covered them all.
Dr. Jim Strain, a recently departed pediatrician and great friend, said, “Grandkids are our reward for surviving our children”. He said on another occasion “I like to think of God as our HEAVENLY GRANDPARENT— you love your grandkids as deeply as you love your children, yet you have some healthy space between you. I have been blessed with eight grand kids and this week I got to enjoy one of them.
Miko has changed his academic focus from premed to filmmaking. He has already made a fine eight minute movie on the Covid 19 pandemic. Here is the link:

Onward and Upward, Gramps

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