DiSanti Farms

For 55 years 1532 Alexander Circle was the “hub of the wheel” for ‘coming home’ and experiencing a sense of connection. We sold the family home 15 years ago, and I had a need to find new anchoring points.  I have moved over 23 times since I headed off to college in 1967.  I have accepted it’s not any one of those residences.  I am currently very happy where we live but it has no history, no family gatherings, no parties, reunions, and our kids live in four other states. So, when I drive through our ‘grow up’— home town of Pueblo, our car almost always finds its way to DiSanti Farms and their market.

The DiSantis have been farming in Pueblo Country for four generations. My connection with this delightful family comes through  Mary Kay. Her best friend growing up is the DiSanti matriarch— Roseann, mom of four, super grandmother, and the widow who now runs this amazing farming operation.  Kroger features them in their stores throughout the state.  They raise: radishes, onions, all sorts of peppers, corn, melons, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, squash, beans, peas, and massive numbers of pumpkins.  A year ago I asked Dominic, a farm grown son, what was the best day to find all of the great produce. “Ah, that’s easy, August 11, we have it all”.

This week we made a test run to the farm on our way back from Pagosa Springs.  We loaded up with the first fruits of summer.  The cantaloupe were amazing.  Once you have had a real cantaloupe it spoils you forever.  The same can be said for the sweet corn… we have to wait for the tomatoes… I already have a reminder for August 11th. When we go to visit this special place there is always an energy that permeates the air. Last week I watched farm workers loading up to work the fields in 100’ heat. Jimmy DiSanti, the patriarch, died a couple of years ago at too young an age.  In years past I would go with Jimmy as he talked in Spanish to his workers.  “Many of these families have been with us for 20-30 years.  They are great people.  They take good care of us, and we do the same”.

Last Monday we headed back up North with that marvelous smell of fresh produce in the car. It has not disappointed—the cantaloupe would rival caviar, and the squash-corn hash beats filet mignon!!!  The best part of the stop at the farm was the reminder that in life all we have  are relationships and experiences… and sometimes they come together and taste like Italian watermelon 🍉.

Onward and Upward,


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