My Dear Friends,

Nine days ago my very wise kids Mateo and Amy as much as begged me to stop my Lyft driving for the foreseeable future. I admit I did not grasp the gravity of Covid-19  and its implications. I now do. This is real, and none of us can accurately predict how it will affect each and every one of us. Mary Kay and I are practicing social distancing.  I am hoping to write something each week.  Today I ask you all to take very good care of yourselves and trust scientists, physicians, especially epidemiologists. We will learn a lot about ourselves both the good, and not so good.  I will be Lyfting you up every day. 

Onward and Upward,


5 thoughts on “Pandemic

  1. Mark- We held regular services at BCC today here in Branson, SW MO. Choir did not sing and the 50% congregation spread out a little in the sanctuary. Nearest confirmed case is in Springfield, 40 miles away, one of only a few in MO. Blessings on all and be safe. Love, Rod & Andrea

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  2. Please lyft my son, who drives Lyft in Pittsburgh in your prayers. For him, driving is his lively-hood and stopping is a difficult option. He’s spending the day today learning more about delivery services. Groceries and carry-out carry fewer germs than do humans. This Mama hopes he can make the switch. Thanks for your Blog. I enjoy every one of your posts.

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    1. We are doing our daily centering at the table— we now have lots of extra time. We are and will Lyft you and your son up. Thanks so much for connecting— feel free anytime. M


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