“It’s been a quiet week here in Lake Lyftbegone”… to parody Garrison Keilor, the king of live radio and the imaginary Minnesota small town. I was a “Prairie Home Companion” junky. I have only given 11 rides this week and each one of them was friendly, interesting and ‘normal’. I decided to keep track and everyone of these passengers said “Thanks for the ride”. This Thursday in millions of homes, homeless shelters, church basements, Elks clubs, VFWs, restaurants and park benches, people will gather to say thanks. Often a question will be asked “What are you thankful for”? The standard answer is family and friends. Well, since I have this space, I am going to give you my longer list drawn from my 100,000 miles of LYFT driving:

*** drivers who let other people in

*** hawks that sit on telephone poles

*** smiles

*** clean public restrooms

*** Waterworks Car Wash who, for $55 per month will clean my whole car daily

*** The Frank Sinatra channel on Sirius

*** riders who are ready to go

*** all wheel drive

*** public parks

*** round-abouts

*** the new 5th level ride-share pick up island at DIA

*** Cherry Creek State Park (naps and wildlife)

*** Speaker Phone

*** Google Maps relentless nudging and most often helpful directions

*** coffee

*** snow storms that ‘thin the Lyft driver herd’

*** Netflix 30 minute shows to watch on break

*** sports talk radio

*** interruption calls from my kids and grandkids

*** daybreak and twilight

*** pothole patch crews

*** Christmas lights

*** bottled water

*** parking pickup pull-ins at high rises

*** a 25% reduction in DUI’s as a result of ride share

*** tips

*** long rides

*** heated seats

*** construction workers

*** channel 49 “Soul Town”, the ‘1 Size fits all’ radio station

*** drive-through healthy vegan food

*** L. I. G. (Life in General)

*** each one of my readers – “Thanks for all your encouragement” !!!

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁 🍽 Onward and Upward,


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