There are some lessons I have to learn again and again. In the “don’t judge a book by the cover” category I go back to 1st grade on a very regular basis.

I love driving on snowy days for these reasons- *** I grew up driving in snow and my 2015 Mitsubishi Sport was ranked a top snow and ice car.*** the Lyft drivers who rent the sedans are snowphobic, *** demand goes through the roof, ***people are genuinely grateful for rides. We had quite the “Halloween snow week” here.

Last Monday I picked up a guy standing on the corner moving from side to side trying to get warm. As he got in the car I noticed a TRUMP 2020 hoodie. The little voice in me said “Mark— this is not the occasion”. We headed on a 15 minute ride to his home.

He began to engage pretty quickly with me about my life. “Wow, you are a very blessed man with a very full life. I have a terminal disease with a couple of years left. I have this cousin who I have known my whole life. He is perfectly healthy and all he can think about is doing nothing. I don’t get it”. He began to expand in a very colorful way (lots of F-bombs) about this cousin and his wasting of his life. “I have a friend who was in an ‘almost famous’ rock band who wrote a song I love – “You Are Either Living to Die or Dying to Live”. The door was opened for us to get very real. “This is why I drive for Lyft. Prophets like you, tell me what I need to hear”.

Then he said “You probably noticed my Trump gear”? I said, “Yep, and we aren’t going to go there”. “What did you do before driving for Lyft”. “Well, I have been a pastor for 47 years. Please don’t apologize for your honesty and the swearing. You are an inspiration. That song title will preach…as we pastors say”. I pulled up in front of his house. He didn’t want to leave.

He thanked me too many times for being there in the snow . As he got out I said “Go Live… we are all terminal, you are a good man”.

Onward and Upward, Mark

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