Four Years of Lyfting

I failed retirement. After 10 months of “freedom” I was ready to jump off my balcony. Two different financial advisors had shared with us that we need to generate $xxx dollars to fund our travel addiction. MK was reading the AARP magazine and said “I think I will try driving for Uber”. I said “What’s Uber”. “You remember – last summer in Columbus, Ohio, Amy and Christian used it. People sign up to use their own car to drive people around”. I thought to myself ‘this will last about a week’. I was wrong, after a bit she was off and rolling. Again I thought ‘maybe she is on to something’. I went to Google and looked it up. Lyft also came up. The Lyft “become a driver” promo sold me. “Be yourself. Have Fun. Invite people to sit in the front seat. Be your own boss”. Secondly, the driver reviews were overwhelming pro Lyft. I signed up.

I gave my first ride four years ago this week. My retirement depression fog began to Lyft. Within a couple of weeks I was rolling. I currently have a

⭐ 5.00 rating and 5,384 rides. I have put over 90,000 Lyft miles on my red car .🚗Thanks to some encouragement from my friend Jim S. and

daughter Amy and son Mateo, I started this blog. As I sit in a parking lot writing this on a beautiful October Saturday, I have already given five rides and made $44.04. In no clear order these are some of the things I have learned driving complete strangers:

* most people are very grateful and say “thanks for the ride” * Scooters are Everywhere… no one saw it coming

* Blue collar folks are the best tippers

* Most riders have moved here in the last three years

* The rare “native” is amazed to have a driver with the same pedigree * Nothing is cruder than four drunk girls on a bachelorette party

* The entire Metro area is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

* You never know when a person’s story will move you to the depths * Lyft is a great company which is constantly trying to do better

* Airport rides are a reward you can’t count on

* I gave William my longest Lyft ride ever this week—75 miles

* Clean restrooms are really appreciated

* Take time to take a walk

* I love immigrants … they have great stories

* At least I am keeping these drunk idiots off the road

* Police rea🚔lly appreciate ride share

* Today’s 1948 house will be tomorrow’s four-unit condo

* I do this because I love to do it and need to for my own mental health

* 98% of people are really decent… and the jerks come in all shapes,

sizes, colors, genders and from the East Coast.

* People are blown away when I am asked “are you a native”, and my

answer is “my great-grandparents moved here in 1873 from Kentucky. Everyone comes from somewhere else.”

I want to thank all my readers for your encouragement. You are more than kind.

Onward and Upward, Mark

9 thoughts on “Four Years of Lyfting

  1. Great story! But not complete! You do Lyfting but you also do lifting! Thanks much for lifting my spirits when I was recuperating in the nursing home! It really helped to have someone out there responding to my insatiable desire to play Scrabble! Thanks!

    Janice Sent from my iPhone


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  2. I’m glad you started another ministry in doing your blog. It’s a connecting experience to be moved to the depths by the people you encounter, and to let us readers in on the profound stories. Thank you!

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