Marion—Never took a Lyft

A 95 year old woman passed to the other side today. One of the privileges of spending the last 40+ years in pastoral ministry are the times I have gotten to spend with widows in their 80’s-90’s. If I ever write a book about my life in the church, I might title it “The Strongest People I have ever known— are little old Ladies”. A little over two years ago I made the standard pastoral visit to meet Marion. Marion, who “let go” this afternoon was grace, beauty, wisdom, humor, and ornery wrapped up in what ended in a 78 lb body. To be in her presence was the essence of grace, joy, wit and wisdom.

Marion ran a pre-school in her home. I have heard many stories from Weld County folk about how she helped to shape their children as they began to live life independently from home. She was a great story teller, the essence of Colorado, made up of farmers, miners, ranchers, steel workers, shop keepers, field workers and “live and let live” Western grit. Just last week an 89 year old guy said, “Our four year old daughter was very shy and afraid of most anything or anyone outside of home. We sent her to Marion’s preschool. In no time at all she was meeting the world, and it has never stopped”.

She died at home. Last Sunday I had taken her communion which we shared with the living room that was full of family and friends. She said, “Well Pastor Mark, I am in hospice. I will stay here and if it comes to where I need to go to the care center, so be it. I am ready”. We gathered in a circle and I said, “Marion, what would you like us to sing”? She pondered and then said, “You can’t beat ‘Jesus Loves Me’.

Jesus Loves me this I know, For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong, They are weak,

But he is Strong!!!

Marion never took a Lyft… but her whole life lifted others. Onward and Upward,


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