Spring time in the Rockies.

So it’s Friday late morning and I am taking a Lyft break.  I haven’t driven for well over a week and I have decided to take my “day off” to ‘fire up my Lyft Ap’.  My decision to skip golf was based on the three-day weather forecast (which called for wind and cold) was rewarded with a Spring ❄️❄️❄️ storm.  I hit the road at 4:30am.  I wasn’t out of the driveway and I already had a ride.  I weaved my way down into the Golden foothills.  I picked her up and we were off to DIA.  She was a delightful young woman who was off to join her mom for two weeks in China.  It was one of those conversations where I say to myself “And to think I get paid for this”.

The next conversation was with a guy who was at an airport hotel and headed back to the East coast.  “So tell me, it was 73 degrees here this week and now this (snow).  What’s going on here”?  I laughed, “Well, one of my Lyft Driver, native Colorado guy pleasures, is experiencing people’s shock at the snow in April, May, June and July.  I have never seen it snow  in August—save for the mountains.  One of my “get out of school memories” was the Labor Day weekend snow of 1964”.  “That’s crazy, I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it”, he exclaimed. “Well, it’s what you get when you are a mile high and next to the mountains”.

The next ride was taking a mom and her two kids to school.  They were building a snowman ⛄️ in their stamp sized front yard.  My pulling up at their home was not welcomed.  They had just gotten the stick arms in and a carrot 🥕 nose job.  Their mom opened the conversation by saying “My folks back in Texas couldn’t believe the pictures I sent.  They think I live in a cabin in the mountains.   They won’t come see me because they think a bear might get them.  Ha, I live in Capital Hill”. 

Well, it’s 11am and all the snow has almost melted.  I am enjoying the spring flowers that are popping out everywhere.  Watching those two kids play in the spring snow opened the memory bank vault of how much fun growing up in Colorado was for me and my kids. 

Onward and Upward,


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