Not Driving Part V “JOY”— ‘Open Can’


Image-1I am going to get my red car inspected next week and do a little Lyft driving from my new perch in the ‘burbs’.  But this week my topic comes from the 3rd week of Advent, where we look at Joy.  Joy just happens, you can’t manufacture it, drink it or smoke it and certainly not sell it or buy it.  Joy happened today when Todd (youth pastor at Greeley FCC) and three youth show up this morning to help us unpack.  You can now see our floor. 

Last week Mary Kay went shopping for things like shoe storage, coat racks, and ‘stuff’ for our ‘stuff’.  She had suggested that we needed to get a new trash can. My son has one at his house that, you wave your hand over and it opens.  They are made of stainless steel and look like an accessory for an old DeLoren sports car.  I suggested she check it out as she has never seen one.  She showed up with the back of her car loaded with gizmos. I asked her if she got the fancy trash can, and she gave me a curious smile.  When I came in a bit later she said “Check this out”.   From 25 feet away she said “Open Can”. In a split second it popped right open. She walked over and dropped a coffee stained paper towel right in its open mouth.  We now have one reality in our new house that will do what it is asked…well sort of.    It seems that our ‘smart trash can’ might be too smart.  Anything that remotely sounds like ‘Open Can’ causes it to open its mouth like those Koi at the Japanese gardens. If you find yourself strolling by Mr. Can and your hand happens to get too close, it tries to bite you.

Mr. Can is just a bit irritating but you have to love its willingness to help.  I am sure somewhere in an engineering lab there are some very smart folks working on a trash can that will quietly follow me around and pick up after me.  Mary Kay just said “Good luck with that”!  I think she was referring to the picking up part. 

Joy happens…like it did yesterday when I got my can of black eyed peas and headed to Cherry Creek State Park. I got an unsuspecting jogger to take my picture.  Then I sang by myself “Black Eyed Peas by The River” followed up with “Sleep In Heavenly Peas”.

Onward and Upward,


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