Saturday Morning—Three rides

I am writing this from a McDonalds located about 20 miles north of Denver.   It is 8:52 am. and I have been driving for a bit over 2 hours.   I have logged about 20 rides in the last week and I have at least five good stories.  I headed out in the dark and spent the first 20 minutes listening to the radio.  My ‘ping’ woke me up.  Which brings me to ride #:

  1. I picked him up at the McDonalds at Alameda.  He hopped in the front and said “I just pulled a graveyard, I am ready for bed”. We engaged in the usual sharing of information.  He was born in the US but grew up south of Mexico City.  He has been back here 4 years.  I shared a couple of stories about the winter of 69-70 and the two months I spent traveling all over  Mexico.  I made my usual misplaced assumptions about a kid who works nights at McD’s. What I found out is that he is in his 3rd year at Regis University where he is preparing to become a kindergarten teacher in a bi-lingual school.  He was a remarkably engaging young man with a contagious laugh.  As he got out of the car he said “I have to go crash for a few hours and then study, I have mid-terms this week.  No more work until next weekend. I told his boss school comes first”!
  2. I then picked her up at an apartment complex in West Washington Park. She came down the stars with her suitcase.  I laughed as she got in the car.  I told her “I just said out loud in my car ‘I would really like an airport ride’”.  She said, “Well I am glad I could help because I really need a ride to the airport”.  She was headed to Baltimore to a conference.  Somewhere early in the conversation she asked me what I do besides Lyft.  She got to hear the “I was the pastor of the church a few blocks from your home and now I am at First Christian Church in Greeley” speech. A few moments later I asked her what she does.  She told me that she is essentially a youth minister…at a synagogue.  The next 25 minutes the car was filled a beautiful conversation and God smiled.   She grew up Jewish in West Virginia which is not the center of Hebrew culture.  We talked about Israel and how special it is. I will sum up this time with her by saying that the synagogue where she serves is beyond blessed to have her.  As she walked toward the terminal my heart ❤️ was filled with a deep sense of Shalom.
  3. I had not even pulled away from the terminal curb when I got a Lyft drivers dream round trip.  He was a young man who was headed home to his family in Fredrick.  For you non Coloradoans Fredrick is a bedroom community 20 miles north of Denver.  I soon found out that he is a pilot who flies private jets all over the country.  He too made me feel hopeful for our future.  He talked about his family in a manner that made we want to be a kid in his home.  We took the 30 mile trip north to his home. I learned a lot about what it is like to fly the super wealthy around to their homes, yachts, and parties.  I dropped him off and saw the kids’ bikes in the garage.  I remembered how great it was when I saw the 1953 white Chevy pickup (with port windows ) coming down the street…Dad was home

Three rides… three great people… and I get paid, I still love this country. 

Onward and Upward,


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