It was a while back about 10 in the evening. I was taken into a gated community that I didn’t even know existed. To say it was exclusive would understate the ambiance. I found the house then waited about 10 minutes for the rider to arrive. He had called me and informed me it would take time and asked me to wait. I had no problem with that, as I was listening to a Rockies baseball game. He came walking out of this palatial home to my car 🚗 as he negotiated winding stairs. He was carrying what I would have called a Doctor’s bag. I thought perhaps he was making a house call. He hopped in the back seat and we headed for a long ride to Uptown. The conversation began and I found out that it was not a bag 💼 filled with stethoscopes and penicillin shots. Rather, he was a hair stylist. I asked him, “So you make house calls”? “You could say that, I work all around the world”. 

He then began to share with me the names of his clientele. It was impressive. It read sort of like a People Magazine, National Enquirer, Sports Center list of celebrities. He said, “And then there are those people who will save their money for months just to feel special”. I knew better than to ask him who lived in the home (palace) where I had picked him up. He was riding with a driver whose wife bought a set of clippers at the PX at the VA for $20. The set came complete with one of those yellow and black books, HAIRCUTS FOR DUMMIES. I decided I had better keep that secret to myself. I didn’t have the nerve to ask him what a buzz cut would cost me. He did tell me that he comes to Denver about once every two months and he stays very busy.  


I thought about the art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I go and walk around the Plaza, where I love to see not just the art, but the price tags. I am amazed what a blown glass vase can run. I saw one for $19,950. I guess it is what rich people need to buy to make them feel rich. As for me, I like thinking I have saved $400 a year on haircuts— or in this case, one very over priced ego trip. Add that up over 10 years and you can play a lot of 🏌  


Onward and Upward,




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