This must be my month for giving rides to families on vacation.   It was last Sunday and I thought I might entertain myself with some Lyft driving.  I picked them up in a classic old neighborhood in South Denver. I realized when I saw the whole crew standing in the driveway with four bags and a guitar case, that we were headed to DIA.  Putting all the belongings and two kids and a tall athletic dad in my car was a bit like solving one of those IQ test puzzles—we won!!!   They were from Western Montana (the mountainous part). 

Dad was here for a wedding 🎩.   “Did you play music for the wedding”?  “Yep, we did”. “Are you like, famous???”  From the back seat the 12 year old boy chimed in “Yes he is, well at least in our town”.  Then the younger girl said, “He’s really good”.  We had a 40 forty minute ride to the airport so the fun began.  The young boy was very precise, sort of a miniature adult, extremely bright and engaging.  The younger sister had a hard time getting a word in edgewise but was equally precocious.  They were on this trip together and I was deep in the midst of my memory bank, moving between my life as a father and grandfather. 

I asked the boy what his interests were and I heard a very detailed description of everything from his academics to football. The younger sister seemed content listening to the “guy talk” going on between the three of us.  She did tell me she likes skiing.  What I enjoyed most was listening to the interactions between this obviously very loving and caring father and his two kids.  You have heard me say this more than once but driving for Lyft has sharpened my listening and observation skills.  This crew was like being set in the middle of a ‘relational pin-ball machine’.  The conversations (and they were legion) were a bit like the dinner table when we were raising four kids and random invitees in the late 80’s.  I confess I am sad as I write this.  Take time to enjoy every moment with those you care about, even rides to the airport. 

My favorite part of this discussion came when I asked them if they fished in Montana.  “We own a cabin on the Missouri River” blurted out the boy.  The father was trying to ‘reel him in’ (get it😜)  but he had his opening.  “A while back we had flooding on the river and the water was up to our deck. Dad went fishing 🎣 off the back of our home and he caught a giant trout”.  The dad shook his head, “It’s true”.

As we were pulling into the airport one of them said “This is the best Lyft ride yet”!!!  I replied “I am almost at 4,000 rides, I better have this down.  I even write a blog about my rides”. I gave them each my business card.  My young buddy was way more impressed than he should have been. “Would you write about us”? 

Why not 😎

Onward and Upward,


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