I am getting used to driving at a less intense pace.  With four days a week in Greeley, my Lyft driving has been relegated to very part-time.  When I started writing this for you in January, I would often give 80-100 rides a week.  Now it’s more like 10-15.  Occasionally I am concerned that I will have nothing to share with you.  So far that has not happened At All!!! 

Last night I picked them up in Capital Hill, a thirty-something woman and man who were headed to the RINO District (river north) to a giant brewpub to play trivia.  “We play on a team of six every Thursday”.  “Are you good”? “Well, as a matter of fact we are.  We have finished first or second almost every week.”

With every question I asked they became more engaged, sort of like a pitcher warming up in the bullpen.  “So what are your ‘go to’ categories”?  “Well, she is an art historian, and is a literature buff.  I am history, science and geography.  Luke is sports and pop culture, and Marie is random facts”.   Now it was now time for me to offer my own trivia badge of honor.  “My sister Rita and I set the all time record on the Trivia Extravaganza game at the Riverside Bar and Grill in Pueblo”.  “Where exactly is Pueblo”?   This was my chance to get over on Mr. and Miss Trivia.  I gave myself a quick lecture: “Ok Mark, these are your passengers, not your competition”.  I know Pueblo is no longer the second largest city in the state.  I realize that for folk who have moved to Colorado in this most recent mass migration, (350 a day into Denver) it takes time. 

So here was my answer “It’s 112 miles south on I-25.  Go down there the 3rd week of September for the Chili Festival”.  “Chili like with beans”?  she queried.  “No, green chili.  Whole Foods named it as the best in America, better than Hatch”.  “What’s Hatch”?  “Well, Hatch is a green chili which is grown in Hatch, NM”. “Why is it called ‘green chili’, I have seen those red dried chili hanging from my neighbors door”?

From this point on I knew this was going to be a “trivial attempt at Colorado enlightenment”.

Onward and Upward,


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