Tres Amigas

I had just finished a very busy Thursday at my new gig with Greeley FCC.  I was out on the west side of town so I thought I would go home to Denver via I-25 during rush hour.  This is a bit like deciding to head to Safeway the day before Thanksgiving.   I thought it would be a great time to turn on my Lyft app.  I had little hope I would get a ride, as Lyft is very new to Greeley.  I was almost to I-25 when the ‘ping’ came.  I did a U-turn and headed back 11 miles to pick up Mallory.  About half way there she called me to make sure I was coming.  She told me that she was going to Ft. Collins and hoped that was okay.  I said “Sure, I love Ft. Collins”.   I pulled up in to this ‘estate’ and three young women piled in my back seat.  I could tell they were excited, and they all thanked me for a 39 mile, one way ride.  The car was filled with sound that can only be made by three women who have known each other for years.  This is NOT sexist, it is an observable scientific fact. 

For the first 15 minutes of a 50 minute ride, I was invisible.   I pieced together that they had all given birth to their first born and they each had boys.   I got the details that their husbands had ‘pump’ refills and instructions. They were on a “Girls Night Out” and they had plans for everything they were going to do, from appetizers to wine selections.   Somewhere about 20 miles out, Mallory said, “I am so sorry, tell us about you”.  I shared that I was recently out of retirement and that I was the Interim at Greeley FCC.  I told them I had logged 3837 rides with Lyft and that eventually tonight I was headed back to Denver.  I shared that I have three daughters and three granddaughters so I am no stranger to feminine energy.  I did share that some of my most interesting Lyft rides happen when my car is full of young women out for the evening.  They asked the inevitable “Tell us some stories”.  I did and then they shared a couple of their own. 

We continued towards Ft. Fun. They continued their conversation talking mainly about how these three little boys were really beginning to reveal their personalities.   I shared that my daughter Amy had just gone on a four day mother-son vacation to the redwoods and ocean with her 13 year old son, Mattias.  They wanted to know all about it.  I said, “ all I know is they sent all kinds of pictures of nature and ocean and seafood with lots of big smiles.”  All three of them said “I am going to do that someday”!!!   One of them asked me “You have raised four kids and you have grand kids, do you have any advice”?   I thought for a bit and said “Don’t be in a hurry; enjoy every day with your kids.  They will grow up soon enough”.   As we pulled up to the destination in downtown Ft. Collins, Mallory said, “I wish you could drive us home”.  There is no greater affirmation for this Lyft driver. 

Onward and Upward,


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