Apple Support

I will do about anything to avoid dealing with calling toll-free help lines. First comes my default— procrastination. Almost always hoping that magically things will fix themselves, just raises my frustration. Somehow I still suffer under the fantasy that the little Elves who make the shoes will come in and fix whatever is not working. I think it worked once… perhaps it was operator error. Recently my iPhone was on the fritz. This afternoon I braced myself for the 30 min music concert which came after telling the robot “I WANT TO SPEAK TO A PERSON”.

First I was asked what kind of music I would like to listen to while waiting. I procrastinated and missed my opportunity to listen to Classical, so I had ‘white noise’ for my wait. After about 20 minutes I began to imagine trying to explain why I felt totally at the mercy of whoever I got as my “assistant”. My low grade anxiety raised.

I was met by a very friendly guy with a southern accent. He started the ‘screen share’ which, allows the technical assistant to see exactly what the customer sees. This becomes really helpful when I don’t understand or go freelance. Within five minutes we had a diagnosis which first required me to get a new password. Soon we found out that I needed a new IOS update. Sure enough, it worked.
What I really want to talk about was the kindness and patience of the tech support guy. Turns out, he is in South Carolina going to flight school. He is about a third of the way through and is doing great. Soon he will be filling the gap of the pilot shortage. But today, he was my hero.

He closed the conversation by saying “thanks for my best call of the day”. I was able to say ‘thanks for such a great spirit and fantastic help”.
He made my day—and my phone works great. Onward and Upward,

3 thoughts on “Apple Support

  1. Glad you were helped out. I have used them successfully many, many times for various issues that come up whenever you’re dealing with technology, included the iphone, laptop as well as with my blog-they are patient and cheerful. One thing I have learned is keeping updates current ends up saving a lot of problems down the road. That said, sometimes we just forget (unless updates are automatically set to occur). Continued good luck.


  2. We all hate those calls. Then there are the ones when, no matter how hard u try, you just can’t understand what they r saying.
    So happy for your happy ending.


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