Another Lesson in Humility

One of my new pit stops is the COSTCO located off of I-25 just north of 160th. For you non Colorado folks, that is way north between Arvada and Greeley on my commute. I can save about $.50 a gallon, which adds up when you are driving four to six hundred miles a week. The other night I had a perfect plan. I had just enough gas to make it to COSTCO on my way home. As is my habit, I call MK on my commute home as we need no stranded geezers on I-25. I told her my COSTCO plan and then the dreaded words that every honest man learns to live with, “Honey, would you mind…”. This time it was AAA batteries, I was trapped.
Well I gassed up, then I gathered my red cane, got a choice Handicapped Parking spot and headed in to do battle at COSTCO. My theory at these places is that one must take full advantage of being there. Hence, the giant cart might as well get filled if I am looking for batteries and TP. Shopping alone can be great, if I want it, I buy it. There is no “are you sure we need this”? So I made efficient use of my Costco errand. One of the problems with this particular COSTCO is that its floor plan is a mirror image of the one I ordinarily shop at. It took me 30 minutes of hunting to figure out that everything was flipped around. My first thoughts were “Now I have COVID brain too”.
I got everything, including AAA batteries, all in the top of the cart. The checkout was seamless, except that the well meaning staff person had put my giant paper towel bale and the 36 roll of COSTCO TP on the bottom rack. So I headed out on the very icy and cold pavement, dreading trying to retrieve the paper products, as my Post—Covid joints are really tricky. I got everything but the two bales of paper products loaded. About that time, a 3/4 ton BA truck pulled right across from me, complete with a MAGA sticker. The sizable driver hops out and quickly says, “Can I help you sir?” He went to work, got the two items put perfectly in my car and then said, “Is there anything else I can help you with”? “No that was great”. “Oh yes, can I take your cart back?” Now two weeks ago, I had taken the ‘I will always return my cart’ pledge as a result of being called out by one of my kids. “Thanks so much, I will tell you that you have made my day. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness”.
I got in my toasty car, pulled out, and looked at the truck whose driver came to my aid. I am not used to being the recipient of these random acts

of kindness. Humility is not humiliation. Rather, it is knowing where you fit. The literal definition of humus is ‘of the earth’. Humus (the root word for humility) is not just for gardening, it’s the gift of either being brought down or lifted up—some days they happen at the same time.
Onward and Upward, Mark

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