I have a “Bucket List”.   I did not call it that until the movie by that name put the phrase in our common lexicon.  Just in case you never saw the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, it’s about two old guys who set out to accomplish life goals before they “kick the bucket”.  After seeing the movie I thought about some of my own: go to all 50 states (5 more), climb a 14er (done), go to Rome (2019🤞), meet a sitting President (no longer on it), go to an Indy 500, to list a few.  A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon when I least expected it, I picked up a young woman from LA who was scratching off one entry on her own list. 

I was on 12th St. passing Cheeseman Park.  I was ready to head home when I picked her up.  She got in my car holding a big ‘to-go’ box which was wafting pizza aromatherapy throughout my vegan mind.  “I just waited 45 minutes to get ‘Deep Dish Detroit’ pizza at this new pizza restaurant” she informed me.  I said “I had no idea that place was even here and I don’t have clue what ‘Deep-Dish Detroit’ is”.   She began a very informed response which I don’t remember.  She then tells me that she had flown to Denver for her first time ever, with a list of pizza joints that she was sampling.  I admit I was amused.   

This was was a Lyftline ride and we soon had two young ‘hipsters’ riding in the car.  The first words out of their mouths were, “WOW, somebody is having pizza”.   The conversations went everywhere.  They began to ask where she had begun this trekking for pizza.  Turns out Denver was not her first pizza run, just the most recent.  They began to ask her if she had hit this place or that.  About that time we approached Niccolo’s right across the street from where I lived for 12 years.  The three natives all told this ‘pizza-explorer’ “Best pizza by the slice around” in three part harmony.  “Well, I guess I will be back here tomorrow”.

We headed for downtown where we dropped our ‘Detroit Deep Dish’ off at a boutique hotel.  The smell of the pie lingered as we headed to the Pepsi Center for their concert.  The three of us continued to laugh and marvel at someone who came from LaLa land not to smoke weed, but to eat pizza.

Onward and Upward,


PS. I head out Tuesday to scratch another one off my “list”— a GUYTRIP  with my son Mateo and grandson Miko.  We are headed to the Caribbean for 12 days.  I will be back on this blog June 10 with a really nice tan, and no Pizza Breath. 

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