SNOW Day!!!❄️ ⛄️

This past Monday (my day for Me) I had a massage scheduled 23 miles from my perch in Arvada.  I knew it was snowing so I gave myself 1.5 hours to drive there.  I pulled out on Indiana St. and in 25 minutes I went four blocks.  It was “amateur hour” in the snow lane.  I canceled the massage and thought “I will turn on my Lyft app – Mark to the rescue”. In seven seconds I had a ride.  I called him and told him that Google said it would take me 22 minutes to go the 2.7 miles.  He assured me he had been trying to get a ride for 45 minutes and he was very happy to wait. This ride began a constant string of 12 rides with not one second of time between them.  I was in my element.  My red car 🚗 is the best snow car I have ever driven. In previous storms I have seen 3/4 ton  4wd BA trucks stuck as I waved at them while passing.

On about my fourth ride I took a young gal to Boulder.  It was a 30 minute ride which opened up beautiful story.  She was a recent CU grad.  “My Dad lives in Boulder and my Mom in Taos, NM”.  “Oh, my son lives in Espanola”. “Ha, actually my Mom lives in Espanola too, but nobody here has a clue where that is.   I love it, you are the first person who actually knows about Espanola”. She began to tell me ‘her story’. “I was adopted when I was nine months old, from an orphanage in Calcutta.  So was my brother.   My parents have been amazing, this is all I know”. I asked her “Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like had you not come here”?  “Oh yes, about four years ago my parents sent me on a trip to India.  I loved it but I thought many times, ‘I could have been one of those kids’. All I know is this, and I know nothing about my birth family.  My life is a treasure”.  She radiated a warmth and Zest for life.  I dropped her off at a coffee shop where she worked through her graduation last month.  I said “Here is the deal, I need to make a pit stop and get coffee, will you watch my car”?  When I came out of the WC her boss handed me a glorious coffee. I headed out into the blizzard knowing that there is good everywhere.

Onward and Upward,


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